Turkish Large Handwoven Kilim Pillow Cover W52

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Turkish Kilim Pillow Vintage Handwoven Pillow
Thi̇s handmade kilim pillow is made of an vintage turki̇sh kilim rug aged approximately 30-50 years old

Size: 16” x 24” inch / 40cm x 58 cm

Material: front 100% wool (vegetable dyed)

Each pillow is one of a kind and is unique

Back: high quality durable cotton with hidden zipper

Each kilim pillow is handcut from handwoven turkish kilim rugs. Each rug come from a different area of turkey, and they have very special motives and patterns which are Characteristic for each region.

By looking at a kilim rug or a kilim pillow one can easily say from which part of Turkey it comes from. The dyes used in kilims are all organic naturally dyed. The pillows make a great accent in any home and fi̇t perfect into modern style homes As well as rustic home decor.

You can also use our pillows outside, they can make a simple bench a cozy one. And because of natural dyes under the sun the colors of a kilim pillow would get more beautiful.

Care Instructions:
dry clean

Pillow cover only, inner not included