Damselfly "You are something magical" Nariel Candle

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NARIEL - Creamy Coconut, Light Musk & White Florals

At Damselfly, it’s not all about rainbows and butterflies… We want to hit you in the face, right in the nose, with our triple-scented aromas and then in the eyes, with a killer quote. Each candle is individually poured into hand blown glass bowls with burning times of between 60 to 80 hours. The natural, low melt soy based wax and premium oils mean our candles burn at lower temperatures allowing the fragrance throw to be effective until the end of the candle. We hope you enjoy this range as much as we have enjoyed creating it... Fragrances are exclusively designed by Damselfly and hand made in Australia with love.

Non toxic soy based wax. 

60 hours burn time