Boucherouite Bahira Rug

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Boucherouite Rugs are woven by the Berber Women of Morocco.

Traditionally, these rugs were created with bits of leftover textiles in places where raw materials were rare — a beautiful and resourceful way to recycle. Today, Berber women continue the tradition, crafting rugs in an eye-popping array of colours and wild patterns.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs are an incredibly beautiful way to add colour and a 'bohemian' flair to your home decor. Each rug is made by hand, and completely unique from any rug you'll ever find, which makes them almost collectible art, to hang on the wall or use as a beautiful floor rug.

This Vintage Bahira rug is simply stunning, featuring a rare colour combination.

Approx 233cm X 140cm

Hand wash very gently.

*All rugs are Vintage and have imperfections that make them unique.