Baba Tree Small Jemima 10 Cows Basket Pink

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The Baba Tree Basket Co. is the supplier of quality, hand woven African baskets made by artisans. Made from all natural materials and woven in Bolga by Baba Tree's incredible artisan weavers, these unique African Baskets are available in various colours and sizes.

In The Baba Tree’s neck of the woods, the usual dowry paid as a bride price is two cows.  Jemima Akologo wants ten cows … and she was the first one to weave this type of basket in Bolgatanga. 

These baskets appeal to the discerning buyer who appreciates the challenging journey of creating sumptuous adornment.

Baba Tree is  fair trade company.

Height Approx 28cm

Fair trade African Baskets made with quality craftsmanship in Bolgatanga, Ghana

Talented Weavers spend countless hours stripping and dyeing elephant grass fibres into our patented colourways that are unique on the market. Their rhythmic braiding of these fibres into our distinctive shapes and designs reflects years of practice. 

These baskets are resilient and of the highest standard and your purchase contributes to sustainable incomes in Ghana and brings dignity to the Fra Fra people.. a genuine piece of craftsmanship.