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FREE UK Shipping over £75

WXY Candles

The small team here at wxy has spent the last fifteen years developing and marketing candle and home fragrance ranges. in this time, we’ve seen the good and the not so good and it has made us determined to create a cleaner, better and fairer product.

we support charity

we don’t go in for elaborate packaging, just enough to ensure your products arrive safe and sound and look nice as a gift too. we care about our products but we’re not wild about consumerism. fragrance is a luxury, that’s why with every purchase we give 3% of our profits to mind charity

we’re plant based.

our hand poured uk made products contain no animal derived materials or parabens. we use recyclable materials wherever possible, and virtually no plastics. for great, clean burning results, we use a 100% soy wax which is palm free.

we make luxury affordable.

the relationships developed with our trusted makers, perfumers and suppliers ensures that each wxy. product is premium quality, but realistically priced. everyone should be able to afford luxury - and that’s what we aim to provide to our community.

we care about great scents.

our aesthetic is clear and simple, looks good in any room and lets the smells do the over complicated packaging or marketing hype, just wxy.


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