UASHMAMA Carry Bag Two Platino


UASHMAMA paper bags (pronounced Wash Mama) are paper bags that feel like leather, wash like fabric and flatten for easy storage.

UASHMAMA paper carry bags are now available with handles! Roll the top inside or out to get your desired look. Use as a every day shopper, beach bag or for laundry.
A shimmering take on the UASHMAMA paper carry bag.
With time the laminate will soften and wear creating a foil like effect, just the right amount of everyday luxury.

UASHMAMA paper is made using a virgin fibre through cultivation and not deforestation. Paper that washes like fabric holding its form so it can be used over and over again. 

All UASHMAMA bags are designed and made in Tuscany.

Carry Bag Two Metallic W24 x D24 x H70cm
All sizes are measured unrolled. The height can be adjusted by rolling the top inside or out.